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A letter to every fitness business owner - why lead generation alone isn't enough anymore and never will be,


It's burning trust in the industry..  That goes for both consumers and gym owners.  It's gotten to the point where you have been burned at least once or twice and you're likely losing all hope.  It's the exact reason I hate lead generation today.  The disconnect between gym owners and marketers is like men and women.  Quite frankly, they are from two different planets. 


Okay, all jokes aside, the disconnect is massive.  The average gym owner works 10x harder than most business owners and for very little return.  Let's not discuss the average gym owner's salary..  To add insult to injury, the average lead generation agency works .02% as hard and has zero relevant experience, but you already know that.  The thing is, as leaders in the industry, we often get caught in the same trap that our very own prospects do.  Seeking instant gratification.  So you find your business is floundering or maybe just on cruise control and you think, I NEED MORE LEADS.  Then, that only works for a month or two and you're back to square one.  So, you go to sleep thinking you may be rich in impact, but that wasn't the only reason you started your journey in the industry, which leaves you wondering... "What is the ONE thing I need to reach that next level to achieve financial freedom?"


It's not just marketing.. It's systems.  There is a better way.  There is a solution and it's right here in The Gym Doc.


What we've learned this past decade is that it takes more than a big list of leads to build a world-class gym that provides you with the freedom you craved when you started your journey as a fitness business owner.  In The Gym Doc, we focus on 4 main pillars to set you financially FREE so you can recreate that same vigor you had when you started this journey.


1. Customer acquisition ( A new way...)

2. Modern sales systems ( A new way...)

3. Retention and Ascension systems

4. Business macros (KPI's)


It's an all in one, plug and play system.  You'll not only get your time back, but you'll smash any business plateau no matter how long it's been hanging around.  Take a moment and imagine being excited to actually look at your P & L statement, excited to check your bank account, and excited to walk through the doors of your facility again like it felt on day one.  What would that do for your personal life?  What other opportunity would that bring to the table?  Imagine adding 100k annually to your business.  That's an average result in The Gym Doc...


If you have even just one last hoorah left in you, let's see if there is any synergy between us that can serve your business.  Keep in mind, the diets and programming that you give your clients are plug and play systems, but the only ones who actually win are the ones who always show up to play.  So yeah, you're going to need one last hoorah left in you to show up before things fully turn around. Ask yourself, is one last push worth it to add 100k+ to my bottom line?


Look, it's not your fault, so much has changed.  How could you have known the competition would sky rocket and a pandemic would change things forever?


If you're feeling curious about what this system would look like for you, let's have a quick chat.  I am a practitioner and the one thing you should know about me is that I don't hate much, but I HATE product pushers.  So I can make you a promise, no pitches will be made.


See you at the top,



Ultimate Conversion 


Cutting edge automation technology paired with compelling ads that are aligned with human behavior change, all done for you. Just hit the power button.

7 Figure Sales System

The most potent frameworks on the planet.  The Gym Doc Academy includes a blend of live weekly role playing for staff and 50+ resources in various formats including video, audio, and scripts.

Retention & Ascencion Systems

Lock your customers in so tight that no one can take them from you. From seamless trainer onboarding systems to auditing sheets for all services, this is where we reset the standards so the entire team takes a surgical approach .

Coaching and Accountability

Numbers, numbers, and more numbers.  We'll diagnose the gaps in your business based on your KPI's.  Then we'll prescribe a unique growth approach to your business that includes anything from specific internal plays to organic marketing plays. 

Meet Zach Carrington.

Don't let the suit fool you.  Growing up in rural schools in Wisconsin, Zach started his journey of high influence 10 years ago as a student health advocate, and became an expert in behavior change after having the opportunity to work with troubled students on campus which lead to taking on his first Life Coach client at just 21.  Coming out of college, he dove right into fitness sales and with zero experience in sales, he became the top sales professional in the entire company of 25+ fitness clubs all 5 months, until he was given the opportunity to operate 4 fitness centers.  He quickly realized that his application, and deep understanding of psychology along with the laws of influence, was the catalyst to his success.  It was the start of a selling model unlike anything before. Each club that he operated doubled or tripled in revenue and he helped his teams do over 3 million in personal training sales while selling one million in coaching personally.  He has won the Personal Training Club of the Year award with Anytime Fitness of Southern Wisconsin 3 years in a row and is known for his $50,000 personal training deal.  His mission is to revolutionize the fitness industry.

Zach Carrington


See what others are saying..

Ryon Savasta

Owner - Anytime Fitness

The best foundation you could wish for.

"We went from $1200 a month in autodraft to a little over 9k in the last two months. The Gym Doc will give you the best foundation you could ever wish for!"

JP Mikhael

Multi Club Owner

We have added 80k in revenue in 7 months.

"I would recommend The Gym Doc to anyone looking to improve their revenue.  We are consistently closing clients day in and day out."

Doug Ninneman

Gym Owner

Results are staggering.

"Our first month's income levels are numbers I have never seen before.  We are at 50k.  Our best month before this was maybe 10k!"

Andy Gundlach

Owner-AF of Southern Wisconsin

He's the best at what he does.

"I would recommend Zach's services to anyone who needs to grow their Personal Training and Membership revenue. Zach has an ability to develop high performers unlike anyone I have seen in my 13 years with Anytime Fitness."

Troy Wilkinson

Owner-Anytime Fitness

The Truth

"It's clear to me that you know your stuff and your presence inspired myself and my team to truly buy In.  To apply AF training  without your coaching  would  be a difficult  process.  This why I think most gyms fail, because they don't have the process you have taught us. 

Numbers don't lie!!!!"

Michael Springer

Owner-Anytime Fitness

Thank you

"In the few months you have worked with my team and me, we have shown drastic improvement in not only our PT sales process and lead conversion, but the bottom line results.  In just the past two months, our PT drafts have increased $3,300 and our total PT drafts are approaching 50% of our monthly membership dues.  Of the last 15 people, 13 have become full time members and have signed PT contracts!!"